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UI/UX design services by OffsureIT Solutions create responsive, functional, purpose-driven designs with outstanding user experience. Our high-skilled UI/UX design deliver best designs by the use of advanced technology.

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UI/UX Strategy Design

UI/UX strategy includes a plan for web or app design like create or design ideas before implementation.

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Mobile App Design

Mobile app design includes User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design.

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Website Design

Website design includes different skills in the development and maintenance of websites.


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1. Designing Experience

Our design team will help you get you applications to scalable enteprises software by new technology and tools.

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2. In House Standard

We developed a set of specifications for the designer to ensure high quality and timely delivery of the project.

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3. Broad range Expertise

For enterprises, our design team has created various applications and software.

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Mapple is a firebase-backend tracking app. The goal is that company can see all its drivers on the road and the customer can see how far from home the driver is. Currently It has 3 roles:
Agent = The dispatcher
Driver = The driver for delivery
Customer = The driver will carry a package to customer.

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