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OffsureIT Solutions offers complete QA and testing department to implement strategies that cover the widest range of functional and usability tests. Our QA services will help you track every stage of development and provide you with reliable product quality details. Our QA team will ensure you reliable efficiency and high-quality project execution.

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We create documentation as part of the test strategy describes the software testing approach. It comes basically from BRD.

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TEST Planning

Test planning is done by SRS test plan document that is prepared by the test lead/manager with all the testing information.

TEST Procedures

Test procedure consists of a detailed sequence of steps to be taken for the test scenario. The test procedures are written from test cases.

TEST Validation

It is software process that evaluates whether all specified requirements have been met during or at the end of the development process.

Our Software Testing Services


Web testing ensures that possible vulnerabilities are found in your web application before it is made live. It includes performance, capability, functionality and security.


Security testing identify device risks and evaluate the possible vulnerabilities. All possible security risks are detected by our developers and fixed by writing security codes.


For core tests, we have experience with deep knowledge. Our testers ensure performance, quality and reliability while perform testing.


Performance testing assure that software applications work well under their scheduled workload. The aim of performance testing is to eliminate bugs so app perform well.


Our mobile testing experts ensure that all mobile apps are tested properly for a smooth user interface on all resolutions.


The main goal of Usability Testing is to find issues with a design so that they can be resolved before implementation..

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